It’s Monday! Give it two snaps and a circle!

I had another busy weekend and was more than happy to veg out on Saturday night after a big Japanese meal with an old friend. My 18 miler was perfect and I have to keep reminding myself that I CAN do it. I CAN do it. This is tough for me because I struggle with wanting to be confident and not get it confused with cockiness. Anyone else feel that way? I don’t want to jinx it either. Man I’m a hot mess. Haha.

On Sunday I went to spectate the Tampa Bay Frogman swim. It’s a 5K (3.1 miles of swimming!) swim from Gandy beach to Picnic Island in Tampa. My buddy Navy Steve has completed this swim three times and I thought it’d be great to donate and cheer for such a worthy cause. And this year I wanted to see if this would be something I’d put on the race docket.

What started as a small, unsanctioned event has really grown into something that is worth putting on the calendar. Although, on my calendar it may just be to continue as a spectator sport.

As I watched swimmer after swimmer come through the chute looking cold and disoriented I felt my interest waning. I’m kidding, but my interest only went from 20% to a 40%. I think it’s a wonderful cause I just don’t know if I have the balls for it. Plus, I’m really thinking that a Ragnar Keys 2013 may be more in my future and it may fall on the same weekend.

Every swimmer gets a kayaker (either a friend of your choosing or they find a volunteer for you). Strawberry E is such an excellent kayaker that she helped keep Navy Steve on course. Great job guys and congrats to all who swam on Sunday!

How was your weekend? What did you do to stay active?

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