It’s Thursday, again. Anyone ever reminded of Groundhog Day? And thusly, I’ve got a mash up of things to be thankful for. Some are running related and some are just completely random.

Shall we then? Yes, let’s.

Today I am thankful for…

1. The Foam Roller. My hips/ITB have been really tight lately so I sprung for a foam roller since Red recommended it so highly. All I can say is…

2. A few good movies. True Grit, Winter’s Bone, and The King’s Speech. Since it’s award season and I love seeing as many of the movies up for the big Oscar award as possible I saw the aforementioned three. I must say that I loved all three of them. They are very different from each other but each one features amazing performances. 3. The Graphic Novel Series: Fables. Ok fine, so it’s a series of comic books, but they are really effing cool. I can’t get enough of them. A co-worker brought me the first one since he knows about the fact that I am actually a 12-year-old-boy (Lord of the Rings, anyone?). I was skeptical since I haven’t really read comics since Archie, but it’s a really interesting concept of how all the Fables were kicked out of their homelands and now have to live incognito in New York. The artwork is gorgeous. In the words of Reading Rainbow….but you don’t have to take my word for it…4. USO donations. I met my $1000.00 goal and am so thankful to everyone who donated thus far. You guys rock!5. FNGs (Effing New Guys). BIG shout out to my homie, FNG LaWa. She has been kicking some serious butt and is getting better and better. LaWa joined the running group after her THIRD child was born and has really stuck with it. FNGs everywhere should follow her lead. Steady and ready, that’s how she rolls. 6. The Warrior Dash series of races. I’m basically crapping my pants about this race on Saturday. I don’t plan on really “racing” it since I’ve got a 20 miler slated for Sunday, but it still looks pretty intense. Stand by for hilarity from that race report. 7. Girl talk. I love talking with my girlfriends while we run. And no, we don’t always just talk about tupperware and bonbons. 8. Tuna salad sandwiches. I could eat this everyday. I know some people hate tuna salad, but I’m obsessed. Plus it’s got lots of protein. (Told you all this list was random.)9. Cheez-Its. For some reason lately, I’ve been having a Cheez-It problem. The lady in the cubicle behind me laughs when I ask her “Know what time it is?” She then responds, “Cheez-It time.” And off to the snack machine I go. Granted, these little dudes aren’t the healthiest afternoon snack but I do love them so. *Hangs head in shame.*10. Planning races. I’m so thankful to be able to plan my next set of races. I’m hoping to get in another half marathon and run my first ever 10K after Ft. Lauderdale. So, what are you thankful for today?

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