An actual post about my running

An actual post about my running

I’ve got two weeks before the Halloween Half Marathon and I felt compelled to share with you all where my running stands today.
I had been running a bit more since before I left for Chicago and am finally starting to get my confidence back.* While I did have the one good nine miler, I also had two pretty craptastic runs before I left and I will attribute them to stress.
I ran a four and a half miler on the Tuesday before my trip and felt short of breath and tired. It was supposed to be a five miler and I just felt too pooped to go on. Lame. I followed up that hot mess with another four and a halfer that felt like I had never run in my life.
Lame – 2, B.o.B. – 0.
It’s amazing what stress will do to your running. Especially if you are the type of person who lives in their head. To say that I am an over-thinker would be an understatement. It would be akin to saying “runners kind of like to talk about running.”
Enter Chicago.
The Redhead and I ran a little two miler on Saturday** and then I hopped in with her for that amazing four miler.
Upon my return I felt rejuvenated and refreshed and am so happy to report that I had a great five mile run on Tuesday and a nice six mile, albeit hot, run Wednesday night.

My eight mile “long run” (yeah, I am back to 8 miles being long) didn’t go so great last night, but it’s my own doing. I decided to drastically cut back the carbs after Eat Fest 2009 and felt really sick after my run. Serves me right. I need more carbs than I allowed. I am chalking this run up to stupidity.
My hopes for the half are that I have a good time and don’t feel any pain. I really don’t expect a PR. I just want to build up that endurance again so that when Gasparilla arrives I am ready to kill it.
I am off to Detroit today for the Detroit Marathon. I’ll be back on Sunday and hope you all have great weekends.
*Thanks again for all the support during my injury. You have NO idea how much it meant to me.
**I leave you with this photo of my FIRST run through a corn field. Not as fun as it looks on TV kids.

We’re In the Minutes

Hello Bloggy-land. This is Coach EK, once again filling in for our friend B.o.B. Word on the street is that she is up to her eyeballs in magic markers (for making motivational signs) and Chicago hot dogs (for consumption. Diagnosis – delicious!!). And since Lloyd is still mad he was not able to post yesterday, I get to fill in once again. Here we go…..

I had a friend in Chicago (I was born and raised in the South Suburbs), who used to state the phrase “We’re in the minutes”. He would say that when there was under an hour to go at his work. Kind of a “we are in the home stretch” deal.

I use that today specifically for the Chicago Marathoners. Today they are figuratively “in the minutes” until race time tomorrow. There is nothing left to do but relax, hydrate, consume pasta, and get some sleep. All the months of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication are about to pay off. The dreams and hopes and desires are literally around the corner.

And I have to admit something to you all……

I wish I was there. I admit to being envious of them.

I am, by nature and heart, a 5K guy. I have done 9 marathons, including 3 Bostons. So, I know the thoughts going through their heads. And I am glad not to have trained through the Florida summer. And have been able to do my beloved 5K’s.

But, while my body will be parked at this computer watching on-line, my heart and soul will be with my friends (and all the others) who toe the line tomorrow.

So to Gatorate, Speedy Jess, and The Redhead, and the other 39,000 plus competitiors, I wish you all the best of luck tomorrow. Know that I will be with you in spirit as you traverse the city.

Readers – please do me a favor and send good wishes, karma, prayers, whatever, to all the Chicago folks for a great race. I know I will.

Have a Super Saturday.

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