I stayed home from work today. I have a major chest cold and it feels as though as 300 lb gorilla is sitting on me. While I can breathe, I have read that running with a chest cold is a no-no so here I sit. Stuck in the middle of being able to run and not being able to run. I got some Mucinex, ate lots of chicken noodle soup, and am drinking lots of fluids. To say that I am bored would be an understatement.

Thus far today I have checked my emails 999 times, read about a thousand blogs (that’s a good thing though), written a post (it’s pretty lame, so, sorry about that), rented the movie Jane Eyre, and re-painted my fingernails. The most exciting part of my day thus far was my trip to CVS to pick up more soup and a magazine.

I hate staying home sick, as most of us do, but I feared that by going to work I was just going to wipe myself out more. Yesterday at about 4 PM I felt like death and came home and got in bed by 8:30. Ok, fine, so that’s not much earlier than normal but I did sleep until 8 AM this morning. That’s got to say my body is fighting something right?

Obviously I am annoyed because I feel like since tri training stopped, my running has taken some set backs. First with the shin issues and now with this dumb chest cold. I know I’ll only be out maybe a day or two tops, but like the rest of you, I hate not working out. I thought about swimming today because I couldn’t find anything about not swimming with a chest cold but then thought about infecting an entire neighborhood of kids at the YMCA and how crappy and selfish that would be of me. Thus, here I sit. Watching too many episodes of No Reservations and debating trying to run in the morning or seeing how I feel tomorrow evening.

All things considered, at least I’m stuck in the middle with you folks.

(Enjoy the tune HERE, since apparently both youtube and blogger are also sick.)

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