Now that I’m back in the blogging business, let’s talk about my marathon training thus far. I’ve been working with a new coach this go round and thus far, it’s been a great fit. I will pat myself on the back and say that I’ve been very regimented during this training. I would have liked to get higher volume but damn if I don’t recover the way I used to. Plus, this summer long-run crap is definitely not helping in that department. But – what I have been being is consistent. I’ve been working with a new coach who specializes in the marathon and while she’s forced me to slow down on some runs, she’s also pushed me harder on getting in more runs and really sticking to the paces on tempo runs. Plus, she gets my version of nutty and gives me the gold stars I am fond of. 

My typical week is about one rest day and six days of running, one day includes strength training. Since I started hosting a Tribal strength training session in my hood, I’ve been able to keep those sessions going weekly. I love coaching them and really enjoy implementing new exercises. I, of course, stole almost every move from Coach Jon and credit him for teaching me everything that I know in that department. I’ve still got a lot to learn but I’ve really enjoyed these sessions. Plus, if anyone ever tries to carjack me, I can club them with 13 different sets of hand weights.

In looking back at my Myrtle Beach Marathon training – which was only so-so, I think I maxed out volume wise at 50 miles. But that was one week. I then went up and down on the miles with only one 20 mile run and several 16 mile runs. I was fairly inconsistent and as I look back in Garmin at those months, I’m not quite sure what I was thinking. Probably the old “I’ve got lots of time to train!” and then BAM no I didn’t. Fortunately, Myrtle Beach was cold that day and I managed a 4:06:28.

With four weeks to go, I’m over by 42 miles in comparison to where I was in during this time while training for MB. I actually wrote this all out on paper to directly compare the two. Nerd alert! It also shows more runs over 16 miles (two 20 milers and two 18 milers, thus far) and way more consistency. While I haven’t hit a 50-mile week yet this time, I definitely think my training is much better. My pace/tempo runs have been a bit shakey but are getting better as I go. Some of this is from ye olde lack of confidence. And some is from the heat. And some is from flat-out stupidity. Like not eating before one. #Oops

All of the looking back makes me feel cautiously optimistic good going into Chicago. Sometimes, you just gotta pull out all the stops to boost your confidence. Like a handwritten side by side training comparison. On a notepad. In light blue ink with swirly lettering. Did you know that Garmin Connect will not do this for you? Rude.

It’s not been all sunshine and rainbows, it’s been a mother freaker getting in the miles during this summer heat. And I’m starting to get the pre-marathon little aches and pains. I got a massage today and will be foam rolling religiously from here on out. It’s often the small maintenance things that I push to the side during big training cycles. And as we know, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. No, wait. That seems wrong. Uh. Whatever. You know what I’m saying.

And I know what you all really want to know. The big question.

Do I miss my bike?


Not even a little.


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