I think I forgot to do this last month? This poor blog has been uber neglected, but as I mentioned before, I’m not getting rid of it! March went by so quickly and I really enjoyed my month (after the marathon) of being “off plan.” I probably enjoyed it a little too  much as the week is going to hurt. #ThanksCoachJon

But here’s what I did in March, don’t be alarmed.

Run 51 miles (Sadly, this includes a marathon. Keep it moving, nothing to see here…)

Bike 46 miles (At least the bike isn’t dusty anymore.)

Swim 7 miles

Strength & Conditioning 0

Races Myrtle Beach Marathon. And if you count racing from the kitchen to the TV to watch more Golden Girls then there’s another one.

Current Reads I put down BOTH The Nest and Live By Night. They both stunk. I’m not into family money drama (see the former) and the writing on the latter was super cliche. I HATE quitting books but these two just did nothing for me. I did however read and finish the book Geek Love. It was so weird and I couldn’t put it down. Did you know the work “geek” used to mean “freak” as in “freak show” from carnivals? This book is all about carnies and I loved it. I’m reading A Man Called Ove and so far, I’m in love with it.

Current Obsession Salads. I’m not kidding. I ate pretty terribly while on my travels last month (can you say New Orleans) and I really just want some fruits and salads. Weird.

Current Song Maybe I should just change this to Podcast? S-Town the new one by the creators of Serial is astounding. And so, so, so different from what I thought it would be. No worries, no spoilers here.

Current Need All the aloe. Someone got a sunburn at the beach today. Oops.

Current Triumph I placed 3rd overall at a 5K this morning! What a fun day! It was a super small race and I’m really happy with how I ran. I knew I was in third and really didn’t want to lose that rare opportunity so I hung on until the end.

Current Bain of My Existence Sunburn. Ow.

Current Goal I just want to get back on track with triathlon training. I’ve got St. Anthony’s Sprint at the end of the month.

Current Indulgence Acai bowls. De-lish.

Current Blessings The sun, books with delightful characters, and athletes who are rocking the hell out of their events!

Current Excitement I’m excited about some upcoming coaching plans and I can’t wait to share that news and I am planning a post to talk about what I thought about all of those certification courses I took.

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