What’s a happenin’ hot stuff?
I’ve been a sporadic, at best, blogger lately. I just haven’t had anything new to say really and I only assume that’s what happens when life gets busy and you’ve been writing a blog for four years. It’s amazing to me how the really great bloggers come up with interesting posts day after day. I’m all, “Hey everybody, I brushed my teeth and Lloyd made a doodie!” Heh. 
I do have some stuff to talk about today though so that’s pretty exciting. It’s better than discussing Lloyd’s bowel movements! I think. 
Anywho, I finally took the plunge, pun quite possibly intended, and registered for the Tampa Bay Frogman 5K Swim. Yes, you read that right. It’s a 5K SWIM. That’s a three point one mile swim. I know some of you are all, “Pfft. That ain’t no thang.” But that is a REALLY far swim for me. Considering I have only done a half ironman swim of one point two miles, this will be interesting. 
This swim is also a fundraiser for the Navy SEAL Foundation. I need to raise a minimum of $1,000 and I’m off to a great start. If you’d like to donate you can click on that button up there on the right. It’s a great cause and while I am not a huge fan of asking for donations, you know what they say. It never hurts to ask! Spike was kind enough to donate with the caveat that I punch a shark. I’ll see what I can do.
The swim is in January which has been consistently inconsistent in terms of weather here in Florida. Two years ago when I went to watch, it was downright arctic. Last year, I watched again, and the weather was much milder. I’m hoping for some kind of freak warm weather January. A girl can dream right?  
My marathon training and this swim training are going to converge. It’ll almost be like training for a full ironman, without all of the cycling. It’ll be a good warm up for when I do start that crazy IM training. For now though, it’s long swims, long runs, and probably long naps.

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