As promised, I’m keeping you all abreast of my training for the Alabama Coastal Triathlon next month. Coach Mason and I have worked out a schedule to get my fitness up and add in those bike rides I sorely need. I do a Monday through Sunday week. (I know some of you do Sunday to Saturday.)

Here’s how last week shook out:

Monday – Master’s swimming long course meters. I got in a big swim of 2,400 meters and felt pretty good. I really love my master’s team and coach. I’m never bored and I’m always pushing to get a lane promotion. I feel as though I’m in between the intermediate and advanced workouts right now, depending on the day and set.

Tuesday – Three mile treadmill run, followed by one hour of strength training led by Coach Jon. Our strength training is focused on making us the best triathletes, not the best weight lifters. We focus on form and imbalances that can limit our growth in our sports. Strength training is where I am the least knowledgeable so I try to soak up as much from Jon as I can.

Wednesday – Another master’s swim morning, only this time was short course yards. I got in 2,766 (according to Garmin which we know is not 100% accurate). As a swimmer, I am tempted to not wear a Garmin. But as a triathlete, I am all GIVE ME THE DATA.

Thursday – One hour of spin class with friends. I love this spin studio as they play music videos. I get lost in watching the videos and jamming out when I like a song. I wear my Garmin so I can track my heart rate and I can “feel” the difference on days when I’m truly working. And I can really see it in my heart rate when I review it afterward.

Friday – Ok, so this was bonk town. One hour ride, and scheduled seven mile run. I’ve been really trying to cut a few pounds and made a real dumb mistake of not eating enough calories on Thursday. This did not set me up for success on Friday. My ride was sluggish and by the time I got to the run I was on E. I also had a stomach ache. I ran a whopping two miles and had to call it. Disappointed in this workout, but I know now that while I want to watch my calories, I need more before big days.

Saturday – Woke up determined to have a great day. Rode for two hours and then hopped off the bike for a three mile run. The run was tough as I fell off the prescribed pace for the last mile. It was warm out but I was determined to get it all in. I averaged 177 HR, which is high for me as my MAX is 184. Overall, I’m happy with this. And I definitely ate enough to fuel my workout!

Sunday – Tribal Track! I invited some of the athletes I coach to our Tribal track session and had the opportunity to run with them. I got in about 6.5 miles and put in some work. It was a really fun morning and the post track eats at First Watch were tasty!

Last week was solid. I did bonk on Friday but I learned a lesson and won’t make that mistake again. As I’ve been told and now tell others, the best thing for an athlete is a short memory. Don’t dwell on the bad days! So far, so good this week. I do have a little change in my schedule but I’ll fill you in next week.

How is your week going? What are you training for? 

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