Hello friends and runnahs! I’m crawling my way back to the land of the living and must apologize for missing Thankful Thursday. You know, in case any of you actually missed it. Heh.

I am finally feeling a tad more human and can breathe out of one whole nostril. Woot! The good news is that I’m not so drained and have hopefully crossed over to the healthier end of this stupid cold. Lloyd is quite disappointed because he was getting very used to me being home for snuggling.

I missed all of my runs this week with the exception of my 10 mile pace run on Tuesday. Hopefully I can get in my last long run tomorrow and head into next week ready for that lovely taper I’ve been dreaming about. I’m trying hard not to worry about this dumb cold and realize that I have put in all the training at this point that I need. As they say…the hay is in the barn.

In other news I signed up for the St Anthony’s Olympic distance triathlon. This was my first oly last year and I’m hopeful that I’ll be much better on the bike. Remember that disaster? I fell at transition and got passed by a tricycle. Ok, not really on the tricycle part…but close. Heh.

I’m way behind on your blogs and I apologize but it’s better that I stayed away and not spread this funk through the interwebs.

One final long run – here I come!

TGIF beeches. Have a great weekend!

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