I haven’t confessed my sins in a while and I figured I have a few good ones to share with you guys today. Feel free to make me feel better in the comments by telling me some of yours.
1. I had to delete Candy Crush from my phone and iPad. After the S.O. told me I was changing, I knew it was time to quit. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. So, I quit. And I did it cold turkey.
2. Meghan kicked my butt at the pool this morning. I saw her feet for a few seconds and then she was gone. 
3. I downloaded and read The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming for free from Amazon and I am basically re-thinking everything I was taught about swimming.
4. I love the store Hot Topic. Yes, I know I am 33-years-old.
5. I’ve just started training for the Jacksonville Marathon and I’m already feeling like EAT ALL THE THINGS!
6. I want a fart gun like the Minions. Yes, I know I am 33-years-old.
7. I have NO idea who Luke Bryan is or what he sings.
8. I’ve been stocked up on chewing gum since my nephew was born so that the second he can chew it Auntie B.o.B. will have some readily available. When do babies start chewing gum anyway?
9. I drank a full fatty Coke with dinner last night. It was amazing.
10. The TV show Orange is the New Black has become an obsession in our house. It’s outstanding.
Have a great weekend friends! Now spill ’em…..

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