I know this blog has been neglected lately and I apologize. I always know when I’ve been absent too long as I get an “Are you ok?” email from thoughtful Coach EK. He does know me well. It’s been busy here in Discombobulated land, but busy in a good way!

I’ve been going back and forth on shutting the blog down because it’s been so neglected. I started it as a creative outlet but now I’ve got creative outlets out the wazoo, plus my three (or four) jobs. However, instead of shutting it down I’m just going to post when I can and want. I have spent too many years building this small corner of the blogosphere and I hate to just *poof* make it disappear.

So, in 2017 the posts may not be as frequent as I would like, but I am going to do my best to to keep them coming. Mostly because I enjoy writing and a little because I like to hope you all enjoy reading.

That said, I am omitting a full report on the Hot Chocolate 15K because it seems like it was forever ago and I had a cold during it and it was exactly one million degrees out with about 123% humidity so…yeah, it was great! (Honestly, it would have been super fun aside from all of the above. The end.)

As a run of the mill “end of the year by the numbers post” I did some maths. I could be off by at least 14% because we all know how great I am at math. (I barely passed the one basic class they make you take in college. I have NO shame. I suck at math. But I can spell like a motherfucker.)

Anyway here are some fun numbers for the year:
1312 miles run
494 miles cycled
76 miles swam
Strength and yoga and float and Yamuna and other things I don’t care to count up!

Those numbers include 13 races:
1 full marathon
2 half marathons (one was an Xterra trail)
2 Olympic distance triathlons
4 5Ks
1 15K
2 random distance trail races (6+ and 7ish at night)
1 Olympic distance triathlon relay (I swam)

And a partridge in a pear tree!

In 2017, I have planned a full marathon (Myrtle Beach in March) and a 70.3 in the fall. I chose the Ironman North Carolina 70.3, formerly Beach to Battleship, as a TON of friends were going and I have decided that as a Floridian I’d like to continue racing flat races. Yes, I know I can’t always race flat, but for my return to 70.3 I’d like to not spend an entire summer in the only “hills” we have available which are about an hour away.

Coach Mason and I are sticking together through March and then I’ll transition back to Coach Jon for triathlon training. Mason doesn’t coach triathlon, and I have learned a lot from her. I’ll be sad to part with her. She has an excellent plan for me for the upcoming full, that is, if I can get my act together and stop getting sick.

I’m currently battling a second cold that I believe I got on the flight to Oregon. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know we went Oregon for Christmas and I got to see the historic Hayward Field. The home to none other than legendary, Steve Prefontaine (and Galen Rupp, and Alberto Salazar…). It was pretty cool (and cold!). We also went to Portland and were both disappointed because we didn’t really find it all that weird. Maybe we just fit in? Ha!

That’s it for me right now. I’m going to leave the house to buy some groceries as we have been existing on eggs, water and NyQuil the last two days. Have a very safe and happy New Year!

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