Dear Lovely Readers,

Today’s post is serious business. I mean really. serious. business. Oh, who am I kidding? I can barely be serious at a business meeting about budget cuts. But I am going to try, because I need to get serious about nutrition.

I must confess that I lost 25 lbs about 3 years ago through a low-carb diet. I can hear you carbo-loading runners gasping right now. I went on the South Beach Diet. It was great for me* because I could eat a lot of foods I enjoy and saw results quickly. I followed this plan as much as I could but obviously snuck in chicken wings and the occasional french fry (or thirty). I was not a serious runner at the time, but did workout quite a bit. I was a total gym rat and seemed to do fine on the low-carb diet and still had enough energy.

*All diets are different for everyone. I am a hungry gal who likes her cheese.

But for whatever reason, this low-carb lifestyle has not been working for me as of late. Before running, I could eat low-carb and workout and feel fine. However, lately I have been feeling sluggish. I think my body may have had enough. (Well, my body and my taste buds.)

There are so many nutritional studies and articles out there right now that I am inundated with the carb/no-carb debate! I have dramatically increased my mileage and feel way too low on energy when I go low-carb. But I am so scared of gaining back the weight I worked so fairly hard to lose. I feel that most of that weight was left over from typical college boozing (“Keg Stand!!!”) and late night poor eating (“Run for the border? Hell yeah!”).

Don’t get me wrong, I gel on my long runs and have done the pasta dinner thing before racing, but most of the time, I low-carb it. I guess for now I’ll just experiment with the scary carbs and go from there.

Anyone got any suggestions on this serious subject matter?


Pasta Challenged Pacer

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