I haven’t done a favorite things style post in a while and I’ve been racking up new faves left and right. A lot of these items have nothing to do with running but I’m a product whore woman-who-knows-what-she-wants and I love sharing this stuff with you guys. These are a few of my current favorite things.

Gluten Free Meatloaf Cupcakes This is obviously not something you can just click and buy, but this is my go to recipe for an easy and delicious meal. I have never made the potatoes that go with the meatloaf, but feel free to make those and tell me how they are. This is one of the S.O.’s favorite meals and again – so. easy. You all know my history of cooking, so if I can make these, anyone can.

LimeLight by Alcone My good friend Lindsay, who did my makeup in the blog pic on my “About Me” page, is an amazing makeup artist. She’s done my makeup for a couple of events and I’ve LOVED it every time. She’s truly talented (and an ironman to boot), so when she said she found a line of makeup that she loved and was selling I jumped all over it. I went to her studio to try it on before buying and let me tell you – it’s outstanding. Thus far, I’ve been using the foundation, bronzer, and concealer. I can’t wait to try other products! I’ve heard the skincare is awesome.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara Here’s a little secret… I wear waterproof mascara during marathons. And sometimes 5Ks. And 10Ks. Ok fine, I wear it at most running events. I just bought this one the other day and I love how it creates a cat eye look. It lasted all through Nola and didn’t smear even though I was a big sweaty, salty mess.

Urine Off Say what now? Yes, I am posting about a product called Urine Off. No, it’s not for your tri kits. It’s for your “leaky” pets. Old Man River AKA Mr. Magoo AKA Lloyd has always been a bit on the leaky side. But now that he’s old as dirt in his golden years, he can barely get down the stairs in the AM without an accident. To prevent this, I’ve been carrying him down, but sometimes he runs down before I can grab him and there go the carpets. Again. However, this stuff really works! It gets rid of the smell and has saved us a bunch of money in carpet cleaning. You can get it at Walgreens in the As Seen On TV section.

Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shake Mix Here’s the thing, I have tried almost every shake out there and I like most of them but not many will certify as gluten free. I’ve found that this Arbonne protein tastes delicious and is the certified gluten free. In case you forgot, the S.O. has Celiac and I don’t want to cross contaminate everything, plus he’ll drink a shake on occasion. (I don’t sell Arbonne but my friend Megan does, so I posted her link.)

Now get thee to shopping and let me know if you like or use any of these items. I think I have the comments turned on but am still getting used to this new site. Thanks for the patience! Happy Thursday.


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