It’s safe to say that August was a big month of triathlon training. I hit it pretty hard to get back in bike shape and I’m really looking forward to a great race this month. My running mileage took a hit, but that’s to be expected with the additional bike workouts I was adding in.

Run 79 miles

Bike 162 miles (I know you are all like “WHAAAAA?? WHO STOLE BETH’S BLOG?!?!”)

Swim 11 miles

Strength & Conditioning 5 strength sessions with Coach Jon & Tribal buddies

Races Nada

Current Reads I’m still reading How Bad Do You Want It. Apparently, I don’t want to finish it that bad as it’s taking me forever. I just haven’t had a lot of reading time this month, but I do have a stack of books waiting so I need to get on it!

Current Obsession Hm. Nothing new to report here. *runs to find new obsession for next month*

Current Song Well damn.Two goose eggs in a row here. I didn’t even know the MTV music awards were on this week. Officially old AF.

Current Need I decided not to get a new tri kit just yet. I’m going to wear my Smashfest Queen kit. But I could use a power meter for my bike. I am going to start looking at those and more than likely, weep at the cost. BTW, I say “need” because it would be helpful to have a power meter for coaching athletes who are interested in using one themselves. Plus, it’s 2016 so it’s probably time I get one.

Current Triumph Setting a goal! I’ve been ALL OVER THE PLACE with this. Do I want to run more trail races? Do I want to travel for an aquathlon? I finally got a goal with the help of Jesica from Runladylike, I’m headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama, for the Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon. Yes, I will have to start actually riding my bike again. Ha! Anyone else racing there on September 10th?

Current Bain of My Existence Rain. At this very moment the tropical depression is heading toward my area and it’s gonna be a deluge.

Current Goal Happy to report that I crushed last month’s goal of cycling my face off. And this month, I just want to have a great race!

Current Indulgence I had two pumpkin munchkins from Dunkin Donuts on Tuesday. I had to have them. #basic

Current Blessings My freelance writing has really taken off! Check out my first article for Women’s Running HERE.

Current Excitement Olympic distance triathlon in Alabama in NINE DAYS! AHHHH!!

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