January 2017 Stats/Recap

It's my second favorite month of the year! (October is first, duh.) I get to celebrate my birthday! I'm a huge fan of birthdays. Even now as I'm getting older, I think birthdays are the best. I'm wiser and yet still super hot. Totally joking. Anyway, here's how my...

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Trail Running

A couple of weeks ago, as part of my marathon training, I ran the Croom Zoom 25K. (That's roughly 16+ miles.) This was a trail run and as my longest trail run to date, I highly enjoyed it! I've been dabbling in trails for a little while now and have completed a total...

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Farewell, 2016

I know this blog has been neglected lately and I apologize. I always know when I've been absent too long as I get an "Are you ok?" email from thoughtful Coach EK. He does know me well. It's been busy here in Discombobulated land, but busy in a good way! I've been...

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Currently: Mini 5K Race Reports

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoyed the three F's: families and friends and foods. I was mildly disappointed this year as I wanted to eat a lot more than I was able to. This is quite an uncommon occurrence and it may just be that I've become a person...

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Wildhorse Xterra Half Marathon Race Report

Ever since I toed the line at my last trail race, I couldn't wait to get back out there for this one. Remember, I ran an Xterra five six miler called The Claw and LOVED it. I figured I was good to go for increasing the distance. The "xterra" basically means it's more...

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October 2016 Stats/Recap

Man y'all. I've been super busy every since I quit my job. Ha! Yep. I quit my nine to five to work my other jobs full time. What other jobs? Well, now I'm handling social media for the Best Damn Race, doing social media ad buying for a local ad agency,...

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