• running ability 90%
  • cycling ability 67%
  • swimming ability 82%

Welcome to my little part of the Internet. My name is Beth, but I go by the nickname B.o.B. (Discomb-BOB-ulated. Get it?) I’m sure if you dig around this blog you can find a few stories of how I was bestowed such a killer, if not masculine, nickname.

I’m a 30-something gal who loves to run. I began this blog as a running blogger but morphed into a triathlete not too long after starting. I am goofy. I make bad jokes and puns and talk about getting the PC’s (poopy cramps) during runs and races and sometimes just sitting on the couch. Heh.

I’ve got a dog named Lloyd who likes to takeover the blog occasionally and he regards himself as an Attack Terrier, though, truth be told, he’s quite kind and lovable.

I live in sunny Florida and love it. Heaven forbid I ever have to move somewhere cold. I’m in a sweater if it drops below 75. True story.

I write this blog because not only do I love running and triathlons, I also love to write…and of course, it helps hold me accountable to the healthy lifestyle I want to live. I hope to share ideas with you and keep active for as long as these legs can carry me.

Don’t be afraid to drop me a note in the comments or shoot me an email. I’m glad you’re here.


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