Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I haven't blogged since Saturday? What the eff? My bad people, my bad.

Since we last heard from our little B.o.B. she was delighting in the fact the fact that she managed 14 miles with no discomfort. Then she realized, oh crap, she's gotta now get up to 20 miles for that tiny race held in D.C. in October.

And like that, we're back in the long run game!

My wonderful Coach EK re-tooled the plan and our main objective at this point is to get to the start line healthy. Lest we also forget that someone has a coast to coast Ragnar Relay to run only two weeks after MCM. Youch.

And like that, we're back in the B.o.B. has lost her damn mind game!

I'm going to stick to long runs, pace runs, and see if I can handle some hills or tempo runs. Initially I wanted to break four hours but now I'll just set my sights on 4:30 and go from there. As I have mentioned before, MCM is more about the history and honor of the race than the PR. I'll be happy anywhere from 4 hours to 4:30. It's in writing now so no complaining from me if I crap out at 5 hours. Hee hee!

MCM has some challenging hills so I just hope to finish the race and wave to Obama as I pass the White House. Oh, and possibly pick up some cute military dudes....

The long weekend approaches, hope you all are having lovely weeks.


Lisa said...

let the games begin! i'm sure you can make this happen. :-)

Emz said...

I love this post. Who am I kidding I love all your posts.

I kinda like that last photo just a little. ;)

The Happy Runner said...

Go on, get after it! You can definitely do it.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ah yes, getting to the start line. We sometimes forget about that and suffer for it!

FruitFly said...

Well if you take longer, that's a longer chance you'll have to get picked up by hot military guys? No? I mean who wouldn't want to hit on you with sweat dripping all over your body? Its like a Harlequin romance novel in the making!

lindsay said...

i'm starting to wonder why we have to be crazy in order to run. signing up for marathons? relays? what is wrong with us...

now military boys... pick up an extra one for me since i'm not really supposed to look anymore, haha.

Spike said...

Yay for long runs, now go out there and get that 20M! Also, I don't want to rain on your parade, but I don't think they hand out cute military personnel after the MCM, because I don't recall reading about that.

Glenn Jones said...

Hope you're having a great weekend! Thanks for all the words of encouragement.

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