Last Week’s Workouts (8/22/16-8/28/16)

Happy Monday! In looking over last week’s workouts, I can say it was a BIG week. I had a ten hour training week and I’ll admit that I am pretty spent this morning. I took a rest day and slept in. I’m looking forward to the two week of training before...

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Last Week’s Workouts (8/15-8/21)

Here we go again with the last week’s workouts! I am definitely feeling the burn of triathlon training as I haven’t really buckled down to train for one in quite some time. I am enjoying it, so I may be eyeing some longer distance stuff again for the...

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Last Week’s Workouts

As promised, I’m keeping you all abreast of my training for the Alabama Coastal Triathlon next month. Coach Mason and I have worked out a schedule to get my fitness up and add in those bike rides I sorely need. I do a Monday through Sunday week. (I know some of...

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Tri-ing Again.

I’m back from my long weekend in St. Augustine and it. was. lovely. There was sightseeing and eating and a little running with the Ancient City Road Runners. I love finding a running group when travelling. Runners are so friendly and I had great company for a...

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July Stats/Recap

I love when a month ends on a Sunday and a new month begins on a Monday. It’s the little things. I feel as though July flew by and in a good way. It was a good month but I have a lot coming up to look forward to. For July, I wanted to see how many hours of...

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Ten Things I’m Loving Right Now

Man, oh man, I am having terrible writer’s block. Gone are the days when everything in running and triathlon were new. It was all shiny and exciting and I had a blog post idea with every step out the front door. Today, I ran about 6 miles and all I have to write...

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I Tried Float Therapy. Here’s a Review!

I’ve always been a water baby. I can’t remember not knowing how to swim. I never had actual learn-to-swim-lessons even though I do remember my mom telling me to, “kick, kick, kick.” Being a Floridian, it’s a prerequisite that you learn to...

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The Coach’s Pet

A while ago, when I started training with Coach Jon and the Tribal athletes I realized I had joined a group of badasses. I definitely started feeling overwhelmed and under-amazing. I just made that word up. Anyway, I would see this group of folks crush races and push...

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