Thursday, February 26, 2015

Your princess is in another castle.

As you can see from my upcoming events widget, I'm scheduled to run the Best Damn Race 10K this weekend in Orlando. Barring any major snafus where my volunteer talent is needed, I'm ready to toe the line. Of course, I will be passing out medals after I run. Haha.
With regards to this race, well my running to be exact, not the race itself, I've had a lot of emotions. One minute I'm soooo excited to race and the next I'm panicked that I have no clue how to pace for a 10K. And then the next minute I feel ambiguous about the whole "damn" thing. (See what I did there?)
First of all, I haven't run a stand alone 10K since 2011. That race was brutally hot and I decided I didn't really love the 10K distance. Second of all, I'm not feeling super confident in my run right now. With the recent hiccups in training, I'm feeling less than prepared. And finally, I'm having some stupid shin pain that I fully believe to be shin splints but annoying none the less.
I've expressed the majority of these feelings (poor guy) to Coach Jon and as per usual he gave me a nice, but firm mantra free (thank God) opinion. It basically came down to believing in myself and realizing that at the end of the day none of this matters. I totally get that last part because even though I have an ENTIRE blog based on running races, it really, truly doesn't matter in the big picture. I race because I heart finish lines and I know that I need to work on believing in myself in many aspects of my life.
That being said, I am trying to focus on this run as a "return to speed" race. I'm not where I want to be, but this race is a benchmark in getting there. A rung on the ladder, if you will.
And just as Mario climbs and falls, I too will see ups and downs. It's the nature of sport, right? I hope to see some of you at BDR Orlando. It's the last race of the BDR season and I'm happy to report I've volunteered at every single BDR since it's inception three years ago. How about that for most supportive girlfriend award? Ha!


Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm alive!

Holy crap I haven't blogged in almost two weeks! My bad friends and stalkers. My new job sort of required that I pay attention to it (AKA - not blogging from my cube). I've had a TON of fun the last two weeks and I feel like I need to give you all an update. Pretend you care.
Going all the way back to Valentine's Day weekend, I headed to Jacksonville to host the Momentum Jewelry booth and meet lots of runners participating in the Donna Marathon. I LOVE the Momentum line and jumped at the chance to work their booth. I got to meet some Interweb friends: Bari & Jax Joe. And I got to see Krissy!
That same weekend, after I got home, I joined a large group of running friends for a group run in my 'hood. It was so awesome to run with a big group again and the weather was perfect for it.
Thanks to Angelo for setting this up!
Moving forward to last week, I started my new job and so far so good. I'm pretty stoked that I get to read and write all day long. It really is a fantastic fit for what I want to do with my career. Not to mention that when someone asked what I do for a living, I got to answer, "I'm a copywriter." Pretty exciting for my inner writer nerd.
I did get some good weekday runs and workouts. My friend Eva and I even managed to get outside for the record cold day in our area. (Yes, I know some of you scoff at 34, but that is cold to us Floridians!)
Ok, so we bailed after two miles...
And now this brings us to last weekend. My birthday weekend! The S.O. and I didn't do much on Friday night because he was racing the Gasparilla 15K on Saturday and I had a long run scheduled. As per usual he smoked his race and got a new PR. My dude can run! Unfortunately, my long run felt awful and I'm still perplexed as to why. Oh well, it happens, right?
After my long run, I headed to the Special Olympics to volunteer. This event always helps by way of perspective as these athletes are so positive and inspiring. It really reminds you what sports are all about: teamwork, accomplishment, staying healthy, and most importantly, having fun! The Special Olympics is such an amazing event and I'm so proud of these athletes. I cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday.
My favorite ribbon ever. Hands down.
Finally, last night for my actual birthday, we headed to the Tampa Theatre for Hollywood Awards Night. The Tampa Theatre is a historic theatre and they host an annual event on the night of the Oscars where everyone dresses up, walks the red carpet, and watches them on the big screen. Since I love the Oscars and movies this was a perfect way to celebrate my birthday with friends.
The S.O. and I (we clean up, right?)

Meghan, Myself, and Tori. LOVE them.
Our version of the celebrity group selfie.
I wish I had taken a big group shot because I have lot of pics with one friend at a time but not one of all of us. D'oh! Oh well, I'll remember that for the next big get together.
As for the awards themselves: Gaga killed it, Laura Dern and Rosamund Pike get my best dressed vote, ScarJo and Rosanna Arquette get worst (Sorry! Her speech was amazing though!), NPH did pretty well over all, the show is still too long for me to stay awake for the whole thing, and the Everything is Awesome performance was in fact, awesome.
I'd have to say that 34 was a fantastic year. I cannot believe that I'm 35! I am a real adult. I can say stuff like, "I have to go to bed now. I'm 35 years old!" Haha. I love birthdays and have no qualms about celebrating them to their fullest, obviously. I also believe age is a gift and we are lucky to grow older. So...happy birthday to me!
Xoxo! Have a great week!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Like what you like

I recently had an epiphany about myself. I am a person who really tries to like things, even if deep down, I don't really enjoy them. I tried really hard to like cycling. I admit, some days on the bike were lots of fun, but mostly because I was with great friends. But if I took out the friends, the cycling itself has never really been something I like. (I like racing triathlon so I just sort of "get through" that whole bike part.)

Social drinking is another thing I tried to like. I definitely drank more in my 20's, who didn't? However, coming into my mid-thirties (yikes!) I realize I just don't really like drinking. I hate hangovers and I hate feeling lethargic and "down" the next day. I know it doesn't effect everyone this way, but it definitely puts me in a weird mood. Plus aside from one glass of red wine, there isn't really anything that I love to drink. Beer upsets my stomach and the super sweet drinks just aren't for me. Basically, I don't like drinking.

Finally, we come to my career. For a while now I've been in planning and logistics roles. I even tried my hand at race directing. I could not have been happier when that last race I directed was over. It was much too stressful for me. All of these jobs seem like so much fun on the outside. Anytime I'd tell anyone I was a meeting planner, they'd always respond, "Oh how fun!" I know a lot of planners who LOVE it. But, as much as I wanted to, I just didn't.

I know that you never really know if you like something unless you try, but I try a little too hard to like something. I know deep down what makes me truly happy and what I want to do with my free time.

Today is my last day as a meeting planner. I'm going to miss my co-workers and working in the "cool" area of town. I've made a couple of great friends and I'm happy to know they are only a phone call away.

My new job involves lots and lots of writing and this makes me VERY happy as writing is something I LOVE. I don't even have to try to like it. I actually do.

I'm hopeful I will make even more awesome friends and enjoy my co-workers at the new gig too. I am super thankful that I found a new job and that I had lots of support from friends and family in my search. I know that this was a lesson for me in seeking out things that I actually enjoy and not forcing myself into something I think I should.

Here's to new horizons, possibilities, and liking what you like!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keeping It Real

Since I began working with Coach Jon back in November, I've been hitting up the strength and mobility gym sessions on most Thursdays. I have come to enjoy these, but they always push me past my comfort zone. For example, today's box jumps intimidated me so much I didn't even try a single one until I was given a shorter box. Most of the time I try what is put in front of me, but today, I just didn't have the confidence to slam my shins into a box in front of others. (I promise I'll try it one of these days!)
Sometimes I feel quite uncoordinated and goofy in comparison to the pro and elite athletes that Jon also coaches. I always wonder where the other "normal" people are. But then again, I'm not that "normal" myself. Normal people don't get up at 5 AM to drive 40 minutes to get their butts kicked and risk looking like an idiot on a weekly basis.
I'm no stranger to body and confidence issues. There are days I wake up, look at myself, and think, "You are doing something right, Beth." And there are days I think, "Yikes, those thighs are looking jiggly."
On most Wednesday nights, I plan my workout gear the night before and set it up in the guest room so I don't wake the S.O. (I hate being woken up, even though he doesn't get stabby like me when I wake him up.) I recently purchased a new pair of capri's and have worn them to volunteer at a Best Damn Race. They are "super cute" and I loved the color and fit. I selected those for today's sweat session and headed out the door, confident and ready to work.
As we got warmed up and began to sweat I noticed the crotch of my pants darkening. At this point I'm pretty sure only I noticed and was hopeful that it would stop there. But, nope. It just kept spreading. NO, I wasn't peeing myself, I was sweating. Yes, the good old crotch sweat. This started forming what we call "unfortunate sweat patterns" and it then definitely became visible to everyone on my team, as well as, I'm sure everyone else at the gym. Those poor, innocent bystanders.
Instead of trying to hide it, I embraced the crotch sweat. Sweating is part of what happens when you are busting your crotch ass. It's not something to be ashamed of and lord knows some, if not most of you, are nodding your heads, saying, "Mmhmm, girl. That had happened to me too one time." It became a funny joke with the rest of my group. It made me glad that I workout with folks who can make me feel at ease about these "discombobulated" things that happen to me oh so frequently.
I consider this photo to be my #keepingitreal picture because crotch sweat is about as real as you can get.
Oh, you know, just hanging out.
I'm hopeful this doesn't turn into a meme and go viral. (You know like, "Pees pants and stands like Captain Morgan" or something.) And, I'm never wearing those pants to workout in again. Hey! I want to keep it real, just maybe not with these pants!